Rhona Nolasco is a London based vocalist, starting her early career in Musical Theatre and TV ( Graduating in Dance Theatre at the LABAN, before starting her vocal training with Kate Radmilovic, a Classical and West End performer. Rhona is a grand national finalist for the Idol UK 2008 national singing competition. Since then, Rhona has been involved in various projects co-writing with many musicians and recently became part of the band Rotante, a Neo Soul, Funk and Electro female led project. Her strength as a versatile singer has led her to where she is now and Rhona is currently working on her long awaited solo project as the main lead singer, whilst still collaborating with other talented musicians and vocalists. 

Rhona’s work has featured on various independent releases and compilations in the hard dance scene, along with international syncs in the US, Italy and Australasia ( Rhona is a former member of the electronic bass act Deckajam ( and currently part of the acoustic duo Thought Reflection ( performing Pop/Rock & Soul covers in and around the London circuit and at corporate events such as, the Country Living Spring Fair, Alexandra Palace and The Cruise Show, Kensington Olympia.



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Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coach & Technique

Style: Contemporary

Genres: Pop/Rock/Neo-Soul/Funk/Dance

BAST Certified 2020

Adult Classes - Testimonials

Rhona has helped me develop a lot of confidence and to build my core foundation as a singer. Since my first vocal lesson with Rhona, I’ve seen a massive improvement. She has an infectious energy, it not only becomes easy to learn but the vocal lessons are really fun. Rhona always tailors the class to her students capabilities and builds on that. I’m really happy Rhona is my vocal coach and is highly recommendable to any student at any level.”

— Ronny Rahman (Front-end Developer)

Rhona's lessons are enjoyable, precise and rigorous, equipping singers with a range of vocal techniques, exercises and anatomical understandings sure to develop their practice. I've been so impressed with progress we've made together over a short course of time and would highly recomend her teaching! ”

— Georgia Andrews (Actor)

As a total newbie to singing, I have so much fun learning from Rhona! Even though we're doing these sessions via Zoom due to the pandemic, she is always enabling a comfortable and fun environment for me and others in our virtual lessons. I really appreciate that. A cool and enjoyable stress-relieving activity and, well, Rhona is super nice which makes all the difference. Can't recommend her highly enough!”

— Priscilla Boyd (Senior Engineering Manager)

Kids Classes - Tesimonials

Rhona has a great way of encouraging the kids and she makes them fun by choosing disney music. Every week Amelie is keen to take part and she's looking forward to meeting other little singers that share her enthusiasm!”

— Sarah McAdden (mother of Amilie age 5)

Rhona's classes are brilliant and work for all age groups, even the little ones love her!”

— Alexandre Leprêtre (father of Lianne age 3)

Rhona was great, I was a bit worried that my daughter and niece were a bit too old to join the class, though it turned out they both had a great time! They were both immersed and participated in the moves and singing, as Rhona was finishing the lesson my daughter was asking me when the next one was!”

— Maria Romero (mother of Elena age 7)